Visions boards and 2023

Visions boards and 2023

I spent the last two days in the van enjoying the snow and painting my own personal mini vision board for this coming year.

I needed a new painting that I could hang in my Van so when I'm out of the studio on my Van-ventures I could keep my intentions front and center. 

I learned a couple new things about vision boards this year.... 1. Mel Robbins taught me that you don't focus on the end goal. If you do, it ends up feeling so far away it becomes defeating and not motivating like a vision board should be. Instead, Mel says we should think of all the actions we need to take to get to that end goal and these are the things to include on our vision board.  2. Then I learned from Tom Bilyeu that you don't want to focus on the end goal because it's a big hit of dopamine when you succeed and then a big crash afterwords. He said it's much better to focus on enjoying the journey and celebrating small wins along the way.  Because what's going to happen when you achieve your goal? Your just going to make another goal right? 

So better to focus on enjoying the pathway to success and that just makes so much sense. Because if you spend a majority of your life working a crap job just to go on vacation for a couple weeks, only to return to that crap job... well that just doesn't sound like a good time.

Back to vision boards, so if the intention is to enjoy your life then incorporate the things into your vision board that are going to help you focus on creating those vibes. If your goal is to get a penthouse house apartment then think up all the things you need to do to make that happen. And put those on your vision board!

Personally I think vision boards are ugly and I like pretty things in my environment so I paint vision boards with images and symbols that represent how I want to live my life and what I want to achieve.

So yesturday I painted this orange and yellow rose, with a dragonfly and a focused woman's face to keep me on my path. I will post pictures on I stagram once I get a frame and hang it!

Are you doing a vision board for 2023? Let me know if you want help making something beautiful!!!


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