I am a self-taught artist raised in Ontario but grew up in British Columbia. I use art to relax, heal and manifest.

You will see a lot of nature in my work, from animals to trees, landscapes, bodies of water and even just the textures you can find in the forest and all around us.

But I also love to study the symbolism is these things, and the science of color, and neurology; the how and why art in our environments, impacts us the way it does. And I love to incorporate these ideas into my compositions. Through these personal studies and practices, I have used art to turn my home into my vision board.

By intentionally choosing and hanging art in order to inspire certain feelings or actions, I have been able to organically manifest the life I wanted to live. And I think anyone can do the same. 

Art can inspire productivity, or it can be quietly soothing. It can encourage passion, happiness or... quite the opposite. So, in choosing art I always encourage people to use their intuition and ask themselves what kind of feelings or activity they hope to inspire in the room where the art will be installed.